VIDEO: 5 arrested in deadly shooting of Concord teen

CONCORD (KRON) — Police arrested five people after a high school student was shot to death in Concord, police said Tuesday.

17-year-old Lawrence Janson was walking home from school at around 1:32 p.m. when he was shot at the corner of Salvio and Beach streets near Olympic High School.

Police say someone jumped out of a four-door, black sedan and opened fire.

The teen ran to campus after being shot. He was treated and taken to a hospital where he later died.

Police said thanks to leads and surveillance, they were able to take five suspects into custody, including the shooter who is an adult.

The five people arrested will be booked on charges of murder and conspiracy to commit murder, police said.

Police said the suspects are a mixture of adults and juveniles.

Authorities will not release identities of those arrested at this time.

Police also recovered the murder weapon, a handgun, and the vehicle that drove the suspects to and from the murder.

Janson was walking with a group of people at the time of the shooting.

Police said he was targeted.

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