VIDEO: Clock ticking for decision on how Sonoma County Firestorm debris will be removed


SANTA ROSA (KRON) — It has been a couple of weeks since Sonoma County property owners have been able to sign up for debris removal assistance in the wake of the North Bay wildfires.

Sonoma County officials say about 2000 property owners have signed up so far, but the clock is ticking towards a deadline to make a decision on how the debris will be removed.

“The chainsaw blew up, but I keep going,” Santa Rosa Firestorm survivor Bill Jorgenson said.

KRO4 came across Jorgenson removing a tree from his property on Dogwood Street in Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park neighborhood.

It is in the heart of the wildfire zone.

Around the corner, there are contractors using heavy equipment removing debris.

“I haven’t seen anybody out here except today,” Jorgenson said. “Ghilotti [construction] showed up with heavy equipment.”

There were 6,500 properties destroyed during the wildfire in Sonoma County.

Six-thousand of those properties are eligible for debris removal assistance from the United States Army Core of Engineers.

That service is being provided at the County of Sonoma Health Services in Santa Rosa.

“I think it’s going pretty well,” Sonoma County Director of Environmental Health Christine Sosko said.

Sosko health breaks down what folks need to get the debris removal process going.

“You can bring a completed…right of entry form, a current ID,” Sosko said. “If you have a trust, bring the trust document or at least the page outlining the trustee and also bring a copy of your insurance.”

She says you will need the same documents if you are choosing the do-it-yourself alternative fire cleanup program.

November deadlines are fast approaching

“The timeline of Tuesday the 13th to have all of the right of entries in and then the 22nd for all of the private removals,” Sosko said.

While waiting for is debris removal paperwork to process, Jorgenson decided to remove his tree himself.



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