VIDEO: Mountain View police hold crime meeting over spike in burglaries


MOUNTAIN VIEW (KRON) — Mountain View police held a crime meeting to talk with residents about a spike in car burglaries.

Police tell KRON4 that since January, there have been more than 100 car burglaries just in the In-N-Out parking lot alone.

The location is off Rengstorff Avenue, just off of Highway 101.

At the meeting, the conversation all started in response to car break-ins, but police decided to include home security as well, especially now that we’re approaching the holiday season.

Police say the In-N-Out parking lot is an easy target for thieves. The area is right next to the freeway, so it’s basically in and out.

They watch for people that may leave items in their vehicles while they go inside to eat.

Detectives spoke with families on Tuesday night and showed them how easy it is for a thief to break into their car or home.

These culprits are looking for easy access to electronics, cash, jewelry, firearms, documents for identity theft, credit cards, and checks.

People were asking a number of questions, and the goal is for them to take something away from the meeting.

Aside from not leaving anything in plain sight in your vehicle, police talked about locking windows and doors and also reinforcing windows and doors with some type of bar to make it harder for thieves.



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