Woman wins $600K off lottery ticket bought in Los Altos

SANTA CLARA (KRON) — A woman who just wanted to rent a movie ended up buying a lottery ticket and winning $600,000 in Los Altos.

Siosi Taunaholo went to the Lucky supermarket located at 2175 Grant Road to rent a DVD from a Red Box machine, according to California Lottery officials.

After selecting her movie, she decided to pick up a $1 Set for Life Scratchers ticket while she was at the store.

That last-minute decision paid off big because she ended up winning the game’s top prize of $600,000.

“I bought the ticket because I thought [it] might be my lucky day,” Taunaholo told the California Lottery.

Taunaholo said she plans on using the money to help buy a house.

She now has the options of getting $2,000 a month for 25 years or taking a lump-sum cash option amount of $348,000 before taxes.



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