Sexual battery on Santa Rosa Junior College campus

SANTA ROSA (KRON) — A sexual battery was reported on the Santa Rosa Junior College campus last month, police said.

The alleged battery happened on Oct. 27 at around 9 a.m. A woman told police she was walking up the middle staircase to the second floor of Maggini Hall at the time of the assault, police said.

When she got to the second floor, a man came from behind her, grabbed her around the waist, and groped her groin area outside her clothes, police said. The woman, who is a student, screamed and pulled away from the man.

The suspect then ran away, down the stars.

There were no witnesses.

The suspect is described as about 25 years old, with a medium to thick body, about 5 feet 7 inches tall, and wearing a washed-out blue hoodie. He also was wearing a baseball cap.

If you have any information, you are asked to call police at (707)-527-1000.

Here are some tips to protect yourself:

• If you are on the campus late, ask someone you trust, a colleague or friend, to walk or drive you to your vehicle.
• If you have any concerns and must walk alone, call the District Police for a uniformed safety escort to walk you to your vehicle, class, office, or other area on campus. (707) 527-1000.
• Stay in well-lit, well-populated areas and park your car in well-lit, well-traveled areas of the parking lots.
• Be aware of your environment. Don’t be afraid to look over your shoulders. It’s not rude to maintain a safe distance between yourself and others.
• Be aware of the locations of the nearest emergency phone stations and program the phone number for District Police into your cell phone; (707)527-1000.
• Send the message that you are calm, confident, and know where you are going.
• Carry your keys in your hand. You will be able to get into your car faster and the keys may be used as a weapon if necessary.
• Avoid blind corners. Take wide turns so that you have room to react to what’s ahead.
• Walk with confidence.
• Check your backseats before getting into your car.
• Always to lock your vehicle and roll up your windows.
• If you see someone loitering around your car as you approach, STOP!, turn around, walk away a nd watch them from a distance.



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