VIDEO: Fremont dog park closed due to disease concerns


FREMONT (KRON) — A Fremont dog park is closed because of a disease that could infect your dog.

The dog park at Fremont’s Central Park has been locked up this week to the disappointment of those who bring the pets to the popular pet venue.

“I was bringing Paco up to the dog park,” pet owner Tino Parra said. “It’s one of his favorite places to hang out and found out the bad news. It’s closed for cleansing for this…whatever it’s called.”

What it’s called is leptospirosis, a bacteria that is spread through the urine of infected animals.

Fremont Animal Services found out through an unsigned note.

“We received an anonymous notification at the dog park that there was an episode of leptospirosis that was identified in the dog,” Fremont Community Services Director Suzanne Wolf said. “We have no confirmation of the dog.”

Dog owners were understandably concerned.

“We enjoy it down here every night,” pet owner Larry Rienstra said. “My wife and I and our two dogs. It’s a shame.”

Those precautions meant a thorough cleansing of the park.

“The dog park is being cleaned and it will take a few days to make sure it goes through the cleaning process, and it will take three dry days in order to reopen the dog park,” Wolf said.



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