VIDEO: Storm has San Jose residents along Coyote Creek worried about flooding


SAN JOSE (KRON) — The return of wet weather has some neighbors in San Jose worried about flooding.

Last February, heavy rains forced more than 14,000 people to flee their homes along Coyote Creek.

In the Brookwood South neighborhood of San Jose, neighbors are nervous about the return of wet weather.

Last February, almost everything in the neighborhood along the creek was under water.

Some neighbors in the area are still cleaning up from last winter’s floods, and they’re worried the creek could overflow its banks again.

Last winter, Bryan Rodriguez watched as the waters of Coyote Creek flooded his back yard and filled his house with 4 feet of water.

The damage was extensive.

“This is all putrid, bacteria-contaminated water, so everything is going to have to be decontaminated,” Rodriguez said.

Since then, Bryan says that they have been able to repair most, but not all, of the damage.

“And these last few months have been a push to find contractors to finish the work downstairs,” Rodriguez said.

With the arrival of winter, Rodriguez says he and his neighbors are worried that Coyote Creek could rise again.

“Everyone is nervous. Everyone is nervous around here,” Rodriguez said.

Efforts are being made to shore up the creek.

Burms are being built in the Rock Springs neighborhood to protect homes, but Bryan says there’s still trees and debris in the creek bed behind his house.

“I see vegetation and fallen trees, and it looks like the creek is in need of cleanup,” Rodriguez said.

Despite his concern, Bryan feels progress is being made on making the neighborhood safe from future flooding.

“They are trying to communicate better with the residents, I believe, both the city and the water district, but I’m still nervous,” Rodriguez said. “I hope this doesn’t happen again for a very long time. And I’m just hoping for the best.”



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