VIDEO: Man makes it onto plane with wrong ticket in Arizona


PHOENIX, Arizona (KRON) — A former law enforcement officer says he made it through TSA and onto his flight all while holding the wrong ticket.

He says American Airlines issued him the ticket, which he used to get through security and to what he thought was his seat on a flight.

“I was worried about getting back home because my mother in law was gravely ill, so I wasn’t really focusing on the ticket,” Ed Davis said.

Davis was rushing to Chicago to be at his wife’s side as she was losing her mother.

He says he didn’t see the ticket given to him by a ticket agent, but it wasn’t his.

It was for another man with the same last name.

“I was able to get past TSA security with this ticket, gave him my license,” Davis said.

Davis says, “boom,” he was cleared by TSA even though his ID didn’t match the ticket.

Davis even boarded the plane.

Then, the real “Davis” came aboard.

“The gentleman came up and said, ‘You’re sitting in my seat, sir,'” Ed said. “And I said, ‘I have 32C,’ and he showed me his ticket and neither one of us looked at the names.”

He should have been stopped.

Instead, Ed was removed from the plane, still unaware he had the wrong ticket.

“I was humiliated on the plane,” Davis said. “I felt like they thought I didn’t pay for my ticket.”

“He was worried because I got a good deal on it, so he says, ‘Hey, you got me a ticket that’s not working,’” Davis added.

That’s when Ed finally realized he was given someone else’s ticket with the same last name.

He alerted the gate agent.

She found it, but the mistake had already been made and the plane took off with my suitcase.

Ed took another flight.

But how he passed through security bothered him.

“Anyone else could do that too,” Davis said.

He says he contacted American Airlines to point out the security issue.

“The breach of security, and how I was able to get on the plane with someone else’ ticket and they responded with a 200 dollar voucher,” Davis said.



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