‘All vets want is a chance:’ Veterans face challenges when trying to find employment


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Veterans face challenges once they come home–some to unemployment, others to PTSD and depression.

But this Veteran’s Day, KRON4 wants to introduce you to one young veteran who says all vets want is a chance.

For any soldier lucky enough to come home from the battlegrounds of Iraq and Afghanistan, it’s a relief to take off the uniform.

“I like that I don’t have to wear camouflage every day,” Col. Deano Roberts said.

Roberts served seven tours of duty.

“I’m never shy to tell folks that I’ve served for so long,” Roberts said.

On Friday, he switched out the camo gear for casual wear.

“Someone like myself who was an Apache helicopter pilot–did counterterrorism–found myself at one of the most progressive and innovative companies in the Silicon Valley,” Roberts said.

Roberts was hired by Silicon Valley startup Slack to lead the global workplace and real estate team.

Slack recruiter Glen Evans says vets bring valuable skill sets to the workplace.

“We are absolutely seeking out other members of the military,” Evans said. “We have seven veterans now.”

Roberts still serves as a commander in the Army reserves and has this advice to any service member who might be struggling to make the transition to civilian life.

“Really consider them [veterans],” Roberts said. “Like, thank them for their service, but consider that they might be the right individual for that next important role on your team.”




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