VIDEO: San Jose family gets new home after losing it in deadly fire


SAN JOSE (KRON) — Three months after their home was destroyed in a deadly fire, a San Jose family has a brand new one on Friday.

The community pulled together to turn tragedy into triumph.

At the Golden Wheel Mobile Home Park in front of Lot 219, three people died when their mobile home was destroyed by fire last summer.

The survivors are settling into a new home.

The countdown to the ribbon cutting for the new home at the mobile home park began back in August, the day after a fire gutted the old home, claiming the lives of three people, including two children.

The new home was donated by Cindy and Todd Su, of Advantage Homes.

“We are humble and proud to have the opportunity to give back to our community to those who need it,” Todd said.

Resident Thoa Phan, who lost her daughter in the fire, was overcome with emotion as she and her friends and neighbors toured the new home.

She and her husband will be sharing the 15-hundred square foot, three-bedroom home with Tieng Tran, whose husband perished in the fire.

“And with your help, we are going to have a warm home, especially with winter coming up,” Tran said.

“I want to thank all my neighbors and the community for helping us in this difficult time,” Canh Tran added.

City Hall helped streamline the rebuild, and their donations were enough to completely furnish the new home as well.

“We figured they were going to need some new furniture too along with beds and bedding, so they could just walk in and it would be ready to go,” Todd said.

And they have been counting down the days to this moment.

The Golden Wheel and its residents have also been helping the family get back on their feet.

Given the high cost and lack of affordable housing in San Jose these days, this was quite an accomplishment.

For the record, if this home to be put on the market right now, the asking price would be in the neighborhood of $270,000.



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