VIDEO: Oakland police crackdown on sideshow activity


OAKLAND (KRON) — The Oakland Police Department and California Highway Patrol are preparing for the possibility of a massive sideshow in the city Saturday night.

This is in response to several social media posts inviting people to come watch, and even participate in, the illegal street show.

Police are bracing for hundreds of people to come to Oakland to witness the event.

These shows are something police have tried to stop for years. They say sideshows are illegal, and dangerous for both drivers and bystanders.

Police say it’s not just the sideshow itself that concerns them, as several other crimes are typically happening at these types of events.

Sideshows draw a major police response, sucking up the majority of the department’s resources. So much, in fact,  that other reports get back-logged.

In a recent sideshow in San Jose, police made several arrests and impounded multiple cars.

One of the arrests was of a man who allegedly ran over an officer and fled the scene.

However, the San Jose crackdown doesn’t seem to be stopping the show expected to take place tonight.

Oakland police are towing vehicles connected to sideshow activity. A helicopter is also being used to spot vehicles.



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