CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Wild hogs tear up San Ramon front yard


SAN RAMON (KRON) — Wild hogs are causing some serious problems for homeowners in San Ramon.

In the video, you can see them just tearing up a yard.

On Monday night, KRON4 talked to the homeowner who captured the wild scene on surveillance.

This is the first time this street has had any damage done by wild animals.

Neighbors didn’t think pigs would wander this far from the mountains.

“We just figured they wouldn’t come as far as we were,” resident Leslie G said.

But Leslie was wrong.

Surveillance footage shows wild pigs ripping up their front yard.

“It’s several thousand dollars worth of damage that they did, so we contacted our insurance company,” Leslie said. “And, of course, they don’t cover our land. They cover the house, but not the land, so we’re on our own to pay for it.”

Damage was so bad, the family dug up the entire front yard.

“Some of our neighbors were able to flip the grass and fix their lawn, but ours was done so badly that some of the holes were a foot-and-a-half-to-2-feet deep,” Leslie said.

Walking down Westside Court, you can see the havoc in Chris Chalmer’s yard.

He tried fixing it the first night they attacked but eventually gave up.

“Came home, put it all together,” Chalmer said. “The next night, they came again, and a third night they came again. So, after the third night, we basically gave up.”

He now has to figure out what to do next.

“We paid our gardener to remove the torn-up stuff for now, just to make it kinda look a little bit better, but as you can see, there’s still a lot of damage,” Chalmer said. “We’re probably just gonna tear it all out and go for a more natural water resistant landscape.”

Many neighbors are also rethinking the idea of having grass in their yards.



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