ONLY ON KRON4: Underground video of melted storm pipes in Santa Rosa’s Fountaingrove neighborhood


SANTA ROSA (KRON) — The newest setback for Santa Rosa is the possibility of sinkholes and landslides.

KRON4 reported on the melted storm pipes and the effort underway to repair them.

And on Monday night, only KRON4’s Justine Waldman got the video showing what the problem looks like from underground.

There are dozens of areas in the Fountaingrove neighborhood of Santa Rosa where the pipes melted.

The race is now on to fix the problems. And with rain coming, people are being told to be ready to leave if the ground gives way.

A new underground video shows how the fires’ extreme heat fried the storm drains.

In Fountaingrove on Incantare Court, looking into a manhole, you can see the black melted plastic from the pipe.

Cal OES shared this video with KRON4 News of crews inspecting the dozens of pipes damaged in the city by the Tubbs fire.

Across the city, 15 teams spread out use closed-circuit cameras to inspect the pipes. One was damaged and filled with debris.

With the pipes compromised, it has created a new set of problems in the burn zone.

The ground could collapse.

“This was an obstacle that we weren’t necessarily expecting, but we were always planning for the what if,” Santa Rosa Assistant Fire Chief Paul Lowenthal said.

The Fountaingrove neighborhood is feeling more of the problem because it is newer and on rolling hills. Coffey Park, on the other hand, is flat and constructed of steel and concrete.

The city went door to door to over 1,100 homes and 56 businesses this weekend, warning them to be ready to leave.

“We have plans in place that if something deteriorated or reached the level where it is a concern of ours where we had to evacuate, we already have plans in place on how to address those residents,” Lowenthal said.

Crews already repaired one sinkhole on Newbury Court. And work is happening quickly to replace all the burned pipes.

Stacy Zari’s house survived the fire, but the new threats of flooding, sinkholes, and landslides could force her out–again.

“We’re definitely on alert because we have a house standing, and so we are going to make sure that we’re going to be safe,” Zari said.

Emergency contracts have been approved to replace the melted pipes.

The cost is still being calculated.



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