VIDEO: 9 months later, Morgan Territory Road in Clayton still closed from storm damage


CLAYTON (KRON) — Road damage from last winter’s storm is still affecting one neighborhood in Contra Costa County.

Morgan Territory Road in Clayton has been closed since February as work to repair damage by a landslide continues.

KRON4 drove from San Francisco to Clayton on Monday afternoon. It started raining when KRON4 reached Highway 24. There was not a heavy rain, but steady drizzle.

At the moment, Morgan Territory Road still closed.

Morgan Territory Road was badly damaged by storm’s last winter.

A landslide took out part of the road, damaged a water line, and the asphalt buckled and cracked for about a quarter of a mile.

People had to walk through here on foot for weeks in order to get home.

Since then, a temporary bypass road has been set up for residents, and repair work on Morgan Territory Road began this past July.

They are making good progress and actually hoping to pave the rebuilt roadway this week.

The county hasn’t set a date for when the road will reopen, but they have scheduled a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Dec. 2.

So, they are confident that the work is almost complete.



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