VIDEO: Teachers save child from bleeding out after pencil ruptures artery


Video courtesy of CNN

FLORIDA (KRON) — An elementary school student in Florida is lucky to be alive after a pencil angled the wrong way in his backpack punctured the child’s artery.

Eight-year-old Kolsten Moradi had just sharpened his wood pencil and put it in his backpack while preparing to be dismissed from Equestrian Trails Elementary School.

“I put it in my backpack and remember we were going to the dismissal room and when I sat down, it hit my artery,” Kolsten said.

At first, he didn’t think much of it because he says it just felt like “a little pinch.”

Then came the blood.

As soon as he moved, it began gushing from the punctured artery in his right arm.

Luckily, two quick-thinking teachers were there to help.

“I saw Kolsten was there. He was holding his arm,” said teacher Mandi Kapopoulos.”I pulled my arm out of my sleeve and I used my sleeve to wrap around his arm as tight as I could to hopefully stop the bleeding,” she said.

She and another teacher, Elizabeth Richards, laid him down and elevated his arm.

“It was shocking to come upon the amount of blood the child had lost in such a quick amount of time,” Richards said. “We got to him and stopped the bleeding in his arm by applying pressure with my hands.”

Kolsten’s mom, Annarisa Moradi, had been in the parent loop waiting for her son when she got the call to come inside.

“And I turned the corner and that’s when I see Kolsten laying on the ground,” she said.

The teachers continued to apply pressure until paramedics arrived.

Kolsten, who had remained calm the whole time, was taken to the hospital.

Paramedics say the pencil would have killed him if they hadn’t stopped the bleeding.

“It feels great to know that he’s here and his family is grateful,” Kapopoulos said.

Kolsten was back in school the next day with several staples in his arm, ready to go on a field trip.

He also had something to say to the teachers who came to the rescue.

“Thank you for saving my life.”

CNN contributed to this article



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