VIDEO: 9-year-old Connecticut boy helps save baby sister’s life


DANBURY, Connecticut (KRON/CNN) — A baby girl in Connecticut is alive on Wednesday night all thanks to her brave 9-year-old brother.

It all started when the 1-month-old baby choked on her vomit.

The baby’s mother called 911 and tried to talk to dispatchers but was too frantic.

So, her 9-year-old son got on the phone and relayed the CPR instructions, translating them into Portuguese, his mother’s native language.

Within seconds, the baby was breathing again.

It’s all thanks to her big brother’s bravery, staying calm under pressure.

“The mother did everything that he relayed, but him being able to remain calm helped the mother remain calm, helped her through the instructions, and really made a big difference,”  Danbury fire spokesperson Jamie Gagliardo said. “I’m happy that she isn’t in that situation anymore.”

The infant was breathing on her own by the time firefighters arrived.

She was taken to the hospital and is doing well.

The dispatcher says she is so grateful for the 9-year-old little boy who helped her save the baby’s life.



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