VIDEO: Bird hits Miami-bound plane, gets stuck in nose


MIAMI (KRON/CNN) — Some scary moments on an American Airlines flight, as the plane hit a bird.

While that’s not all that uncommon, what is rare is for the bird to put a giant hole in the aircraft.

It was a sight so bizarre that someone started filming–a bird crashing through the front of a plane.

Its body was moving around as the wind blew.

American Airlines says the flight arrived from Mexico City to Miami International.

That bird somehow collided with the aircraft, resulting in its death and some visible damage to the plane.

The airline told KRON4 it landed safely, saying in a statement that, “the aircraft was taken out of service and that their maintenance team is currently inspecting it.”

Experts and flight enthusiasts CNN showed the video to said this was unique, despite the fact that bird strikes are fairly common.

A 2016 study by the FAA shows more than 160,000 strikes were reported in the United States from 1990-2015.

Sixty-two percent of them occurred during the day, and a majority of bird strikes occurred during landing.

There were no passenger injuries reported.



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