VIDEO: Nebraska dog helps victims testify in court


PAPILLION, Nebraska (KRON/CNN) — A courthouse in Nebraska has a very special employee.

His name is Manny. He is a Labrador Retriever who helps people stay calm before they take the stand.

Though his face may be priceless, this employee is worth about $48,000.

Manny was given to the county court–at no cost– from the non-profit organization, K-9 Companions.

He works in the victim services unit. His job is to provide a sense of comfort, especially to victims who have to testify.

“When they start becoming very emotional, you can see that he will get a little bit closer,” said Jean Brazda, who is with the victim witness unit. “He’ll place his head on their lap. If he’s on the floor, he’ll roll onto their feet.”

Manny has been well-received by most of the courthouse staff, even those who were skeptical at first.

However, some defense attorneys do not like having Manny around, arguing he could taint the jury.



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