VIDEO: City of Oakley forces families from homes to extend roadway, widen sidewalk


OAKLEY (KRON) — In a rare use of eminent domain, the city of Oakley is seizing seven homes in its downtown area to extend a roadway and widen a sidewalk.

On Thursday, KRON4 met with the families who are stunned that they are being forced out and now have to find new costly places to live during the current housing crises.

Magaly Pulido currently rents a small home in downtown Oakley for her two brothers who are mentally handicapped and cannot work.

She takes care of them. The landlord kept rent low during the housing crises, below market value to help her out.

She is worried now she won’t be able to afford a place for them.

In downtown Oakley, O’ Hara Avenue dead ends into Main Street. If it kept going through Main Street, in about 100 yards, it would connect with the train tracks that go through town.

The city wants to extend O’ Hara Avenue to those train tracks, widen Main Street at an intersection, and build a nice wide sidewalk there.

This property does not belong to the city; it belongs to the Weder family.

They have been here since the 1940s. They built six additional homes on the land and rent them out below market value to help offer affordable housing.

The city has seized their land and all seven homes under eminent domain.

Mark Weder’s parents own the property and the seven houses. He lives in one of them.

He said the city made an offer but it was not fair. It was under market value.

The official eviction is likely to go down in late spring or early summer. They are working with the city attorney’s office to compensate the affected families and help them relocate.

Mark thinks this is an unfair use of eminent domain

KRON4 reached out to city officials to see if they had a response to the concerns of the people who will be relocated.

“We certainly appreciate the concerns of the family, but the planning for these downtown roadways has been going one for over 20 years now and the family has been well aware. The process is now entering the legal process that will ensure the that property owners and tenants are dealt with fairly. ”

– Oakley City Manager Bryan Montgomery



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