Morgan Territory Road in Clayton finally reopens

CLAYTON (KRON)–After nine months, Morgan Territory Road, in Clayton finally reopened on Saturday afternoon.

The road has been closed since February as crews worked to repair damage caused by a landslide. Commuters and residents were forced to reroute which added an additional 45 minutes to reach their destinations.

Morgan Territory Road was badly damaged by storms last winter. A landslide took out part of the road, damaged a water line, and the asphalt buckled and cracked for about a quarter of a mile.

The repairs to the road started in July. Two walls were installed on both sides of the road to keep the soil back. Crews also reconstructed the pavement and utilities had to be moved.

The entire road is 14 miles long and stretches from Livermore to Marsh Creek Road in Clayton. There’s still a concern that another landslide could damage another portion of the road. It cost the county $3 million to repair the few hundred feet.



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