ONLY ON KRON4: San Jose mobile home park without power for 3 days

SAN JOSE (KRON) — Many people at a San Jose mobile home park are spending a third night without power.

Residents say they are also in the dark about what’s going on to fix the problem.

This is happening at the Oak Crest Estates in San Jose. It’s right off Highway 237 on North First Street.

Residents have had to rely on candlelight and flashlights to get around in their homes. But they say the real problem is the management company hasn’t been communicating well enough with them or prioritizing.

Power at the Oak Crest Estates mobile home park in San Jose shut down Sunday morning around 7:30 p.m.

For a third day, people in more than 100 units continue to clutch flashlights and light candles to get by.

“Without heat, it’s been rather chilly and all of our perishables are spoiling rapidly,” resident Patricia Gold said.

Frustrated residents say they’ve been kept in the dark in more ways than one, saying Sierra Management, who oversees the community, hasn’t been informing them properly throughout the ordeal.

Although, one resident says she’s not bothered much by it.

“I mean nobody wants these problems, but I think this problem is a minor not a major,” resident Sue Wetzel said.

But the president of the park’s home owner’s association says otherwise.

Thirty backup generators were brought in, but he says management hasn’t prioritized who gets the hookup, saying wheelchair-bound people and those with respiratory issues are still without electricity.

“The emergency preparedness for this particular mobile home park is woefully inefficient,” homeowner’s association president Alan Hinman said. “What happened here is tragic. And you can see some of these people still don’t have electricity, and they’re in wheelchairs. It’s difficult to get around the house in a wheelchair even with the lights on. You take the lights off and it’s impossible.”

The mobile home park is a PG&E customer, but the utility company says damage was done to the park’s equipment.


 A spokesperson for PG&E followed up with KRON4 and said crews are doing reconnection work. They expect to have the main breaker energized up by Wednesday afternoon, but management at the mobile home is responsible for turning the breaker on to have power restored.



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