‘Trouble in Toyland’: Consumer group warns of possible dangerous toys


LOS ANGELES, California (KSEE) — As you get ready to start your holiday shopping, a consumer group wants you to be aware of toxic toys that are still on store shelves.

On Tuesday, the California Public Interest Research Group, also known as CALPIRG, issued its 32nd annual Trouble in Toyland Report. In the report, they reveal that despite recent progress, consumers must still be wary when shopping for children’s toys.

Researchers say some of the most dangerous toys are those with small parts because children can choke on them. The group said that several toys containing small parts didn’t have proper labels on them, warning people of choking hazards.

Among their findings, experts tested fidget spinners made of brass and found high levels of toxic lead in them.

The group is also warning consumers of toys that connect to the internet, which could possibly put a child’s privacy at risk. They say data-collecting toys may violate privacy and could become a target for hackers.

“The message today is clear, we need to protect our youngest consumers from dangerous toys and parents and consumers need to watch out for common hazards when shopping for these toys,” said Mike Litt, a Consumer Campaign Director with U.S. PIRG.

Researchers say in addition to choosing safe toys, it also important for parents to supervise their children when they play with their toys.

Parents can find the group’s list of unsafe toys, as well as tips for safe toy shopping, at Toysafetytips.org. 

For more information on the study, click here.




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