VIDEO: Church group gives away free Thanksgiving meals to community in El Sobrante

EL SOBRANTE (KRON) — Every year a church group from El Sobrante offers a Thanksgiving meal to everyone in their community.

“Every day is a day of Thanksgiving.” That is what the folks at the Hilltop Church of Christ in El Sobrante call the weekend before the holiday when they prepare thousands of meals for people in their community.

They have been holding the event for fourteen years.

“It becomes a more grand event every year and we are dedicated to do it,” said Brenda Thomas of Hilltop Church of Christ. “We work on average about fifteen hours a day leading up to it weeks before the event and we have to because we prepare about three thousand meals for people.”

The event has grown to give bags of groceries to prepare Thanksgiving meals along with other gifts for those attending.

“We’re also doing to go dinners, Thanksgiving dinners for seniors and people that we know are ill and disabled and are unable to get up and join us today,” said volunteer Kimberly Thomas Rapp. “It has expanded every year to clothing. There are items out there for children for women who need clothes for work.”

‘Every day is a day of Thanksgiving’ takes a whole year of preparation.

“When we end today we start planning for next year,” volunteer Julian Fogle said. “We will start with donations from the community to support the meals for next year so it starts when we end at three.”

Each passing year finds the need to be greater.

“You know there is a lot of stress in the united states right now. There’s a lot of stress in our surrounding communities yet we have hope and we have joy and we want to share that.”

It is a hope and joy that is shared by both those attending and the dozens of volunteers that make the event a success.

“There’s a lot of people out there like me that need to have a decent meal. I really enjoy coming together with a bunch of people I’ve never met before.”

“It’s hard not to smile when we’re all coming together as a community to help one another.”



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