Drone pilot arrested for dropping leaflets over crowds at 49ers, Raiders games

Photo courtesy of Santa Clara PD

SANTA CLARA (KRON/AP) – Authorities say a man was arrested after using a drone to drop anti-media leaflets over crowds at NFL games in Santa Clara and Oakland and that federal, state and local officials are investigating.

The suspect has been identified as 55-year-old Tracy Michael Mapes of Sacramento.

On Sunday, Mapes allegedly sent his drone over the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara during the second quarter of the game between the 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks.

Later he piloted it over Oakland Coliseum during the Raiders game against the Denver Broncos.

Santa Clara Police Lt. Dan Moreno says the leaflets talked about free speech and contained information on news organizations he disapproves of.

Most of the drone-dropped leaflets were carried away by the wind, landing far from the football fields.

It is illegal to fly a drone within five miles of an airport, and both Levi’s Stadium and the Coliseum are within five miles of airports.



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