Police: Husband, wife arrested for heroin trafficking throughout Sonoma County

SANTA ROSA (KRON) — A husband and wife team has been arrested for heroin trafficking throughout Sonoma County, according to police.

The suspects have been identified as 20-year-old Pedro Lopez and 27-year-old Joann Guzman.

Detectives say Lopez was part of a large-scale drug trafficking organization that distributed heroin throughout the county.

Authorities started watching Lopez on Tuesday.

Police say their two children were present when drug deals were happening at shopping center parking lots.

“Detectives observed Lopez, along with his spouse, later identified as Joann Guzman (27 years) and two small children all enter their vehicle and drive from their residence. Detectives from the Santa Rosa Police Department surveilled Lopez and Guzman drive to nearby shopping centers in Petaluma then to Rohnert Park and finally to Santa Rosa. Based on observations made by detectives, it was believed that Lopez and Guzman were meeting and selling narcotics to customers in these shopping center parking lots,” police said in a press release.

The two were arrested while meeting a potential customer at a Santa Rosa shopping center parking lot, police said. Police seized 2 ounces of heroin that was on Lopez.

Police say they also found 4 ounces of heroin inside Guzman’s purse, along with over $1,400 cash.

The couple’s children were taken into protective custody and then released to family members.

At the couple’s home at 330 Stuart Dr., No. K, in Petaluma, detectives found 2 pounds of heroin and $1,000 cash.

Police also found evidence of scales, packaging, and notes related to drug trafficking.

The suspects are in the Sonoma County Jail on charges of possession for sale of heroin, transportation of heroin, and conspiracy to distribute heroin.



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