VIDEO: Coffey Park homes damaged by North Bay Firestorm up for sale


SANTA ROSA (KRON) — Nearly two months after the North Bay Firestorm broke out, more and more burned out lots are debris free.

But if you drive around neighborhoods, you will also start to notice for sale signs, as not everyone wants to wait to rebuild.

As more burned out lots get cleaned up in Coffey Park, for sale signs are going up.

“This lot is just under 6,000 square feet, and its’ going for $160,000,” realtor Michael Williams said.

Williams says his clients on Crimson Lane had been looking to sell and move out of state before the fire.

The prospect of waiting a year or 2 to rebuild was enough to convince them to sell the lot now.

“I had a lot of people ask if there were more lots coming, and I do think it’s going to happen,” Williams said.

A few blocks away on Hopper Avenue, a coming soon sign is already up, presumably after the lot is cleared of debris.

And across the street, there was a cash for homes sign.

Realtors say despite the fire, the neighborhood remains desirable.

“Coffey Park is a great place to live,” Williams said. “Santa Rosa has a strong sense of community. It’s centrally located and beautiful wine county, so everyone wants to live here.”

Around the corner on Kerry Lane, there was no for sale sign, but just the opposite–as Tom and Sue Fellbaum were decorating a Christmas tree on their burned-out lot.

“Currently, we are in a 25-foot trailer, so there’s no room for a tree,” Sue said.

The Fellbaums have lived here for 28 years, and while they’ve been looking at other homes, as of now, they think they will rebuild.

“Home prices are skyrocketing, so it’s kind of discouraging in this area, but like I said financially, it’s probably best to rebuild,” Tom said.

Before the fire, realtors say the home that was on the Crimson Lane lot would have sold for just under $600,000.

This home sold within 24 hours with multiple offers. Is it a trend?

We’ll just have to wait and see.



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