VIDEO: San Jose considering temporary ‘Tiny Homes’ for the homeless


SAN JOSE (KRON) — Building small, temporary housing for the homeless is also something that is being looked at by the City of San Jose.

San Jose city officials are considering an idea that would lead to the construction of several specially designed Tiny-Home bridge communities around town.

But the challenge is going to be where to locate them.

San Jose city officials joined the architectural design firm Gensler Monday in unveiling two designs for what are described as “emergency sleeping cabins.”

Said to be efficient, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing, the Tiny Home communities would house up 25 people for as long as five years.

But unlike last summer, with some 4,000 homeless on the streets, all but two of a possible 100 possible sites for such villages were rejected by neighbors.

This time around, there are just five or 10 sites under consideration although none has been identified.

The Tiny Home villages will be far from homes and schools, and neighbors will have their say, says San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo.

“It is important for us to be able to show people what this is going to look like; people will be able to see it and touch it before they can say that this is something they want in their community,” Liccardo said. “This is an opportunity to see what the vision is and how we can get people off the streets and into a more dignified housing arrangement that will restore dignity, not just to the homeless, but for the surrounding communities that are suffering with homeless camps in every corner.”

There will no doubt be other designs and ideas floated in the days ahead. And there is sure to be some debate about the fact that these Tiny Homes could cost as much as $20,000 apiece, maybe more.

There will be public hearings and an environmental review process that could take a year or more before they’re ready to occupy.

The city council will begin that process a week from Tuesday.



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