19-year-old father accused of killing two-month-old baby

CLEARFIELD, UT (KUCW)- The father of a nearly 2-month-old baby is in custody after police say he abused his baby to the point of death.

Friday, Dec. 1st police responded to a Clearfield home on reports that a seven-week-old infant was unconscious and not breathing. The baby was flown to Primary Children’s Medical Center but later died from his injuries.

After investigating police arrested the baby’s father, 19-year-old Clint Corydon Nokes. “It is believed [he] caused the non-accidental and fatal injuries,” police said.

“Not only is a young man facing some very serious charges, but the other part of the family is planning some memorial services for this infant,”Asst. Chief Kelly Bennett said.

KUTV reported Nokes admitted that he was tired of the baby crying and he finally ‘exploded.’ Nokes told police he would ‘chuck’ him on the couch or in his swing. Police said Nokes also admitted to dropping the child on his head in the kitchen sink earlier this week.

Charges are pending but he is facing child abuse homicide.



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