VIDEO: Arizona mom says son was suspended after fighting bully


LAVEEN, Arizona (KRON/CNN) — An Arizona mother is outraged after she says her son was suspended when a bully initiated a fight with him.

School officials at Laveen Elementary reviewed a video of the fight and decided that both children participated equally.

The mother, Breanna Thornton, says this is just the latest example of a bullying problem that the school knew about.

She says her son loves school and would never have initiated any sort of physical confrontation.

“The boy would threaten my son that if he didn’t bring bags of chips to school for him, he would beat him up,” Thornton said. “He was attacked the first time in May.”

School district officials say they have ways of handling any bullying problems but couldn’t offer specifics.

Now, the student who made the honor roll and won the fifth-grade spelling bee is afraid to go back.



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