Richmond High School student brings fake gun to campus, causes lockdown

RICHMOND (KRON) — Richmond High School was on high alert after an apparent gun threat on Friday morning.

Richmond High was placed on lockdown after officials realized a student had a gun.

Officers were able to identify the student immediately and discovered the student had a replica–a fake gun.

That student was taken into custody.

Here is the full statement from police:

Richmond Police Department School Resource Officers (SRO) quickly resolved an armed student incident on the Richmond High School campus.

On December 8 during 1st period, RPD Communications Center received a call from school administrators from Richmond High School about a student who was possibly armed with a gun on campus. SRO Officers Walker and England quickly contacted school administrators and collaborated with them to figure out which student was possibly armed. The school was placed on lock-down immediately. Due to their knowledge of the layout of the campus, the SROs quickly sent resources to the appropriate classrooms. The SROs worked with school staff and quickly ended the incident by isolating, identifying and detaining the student. As it turned out, the student had a replica firearm in his backpack. The student was taken into custody and the lock-down was lifted.

The department is relieved that the outcome of this incident ended swiftly and peacefully, and no one was hurt. We are proud of our SRO officers’ working relationship within each of the six assigned schools. This is yet another great example of the importance of having the SROs in schools for everyone’s safety, along with their ability to mentor and coach the students.

Be our crime prevention partner. If you see suspicious persons, cars or anyone in possession of a firearm illegally or any suspicious items, please report it and if you choose, you may remain anonymous. Call 911 if it is an emergency or (510)233-1214.



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