VIDEO: Livermore neighborhood sees spike in home burglaries


LIVERMORE (KRON) — Tis the season for gift giving and package delivery, but with that, we often also get a spike in burglaries.

That’s what one community in Livermore is seeing as we enter the holiday season.

Once quiet neighborhoods on the south side of Livermore are facing new concerns, a slight uptick in residential burglaries.

Police say while overall residential burglaries are down 41 percent compared to last year, the last several weeks has seen an increase with a series of daytime home burglaries where suspects have either kicked open front doors or simply entered those that are already unlocked.

“I hadn’t heard about it, but I’m a long-time resident in Livermore, so it does concern you,” resident Theresa Ratto said.

Police have no suspects at this point but are reviewing surveillance footage, stepping up patrols, and letting residents know they can take steps to protect themselves.

Some of them are already doing it by joining neighborhood watch groups or the Nextdoor online community.

“Some lady just reported someone came up to (her) house dressed in white, tried the door, went to her backyard and left, so we basically keep an eye on each other,” resident Roy Johnson said.

Police say residents should also consider installing security screens on access doors, making sure homes look occupied, having adequate outdoor lighting, and never letting mail or newspapers pile up outside.

In addition to keeping doors locked, police also advise installing security camera or alarm systems.

And most importantly, if you see anything even slightly suspicious, you should call the police.



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