VIDEO: Offers pouring in for Santa Rosa homes, lots destroyed in North Bay Firestorm


SANTA ROSA (KRON) — Homes and lots destroyed by the North Bay Firestorm are beginning to sell on the market.

Investors are interested, and the offers are pouring in for those that decide to put their lots on the market.

For some of the victims, it’s easier to sell and begin a new life somewhere else.

Warren Luke is able to look at what’s left of his home.

His wife cant.

“It hurts my heart,” Luke said. “There’s nothing there, and I had 40 years of memories there, so I just have the memories, and I don’t have to go back to see them.”

They decided that selling was their best option.

“We priced it to sell quickly, but we didn’t just give it up,” Luke said.

Their asking price was $135,000.

Within 48 hours, they had multiple offers.

“The average lot right now that’s hitting the market is going to be going to be around 160 to 180,” Broker Cindy Wise said.

Wise says the Lukes were the first fire victims in Sonoma County to sell.

“The City of Santa Rosa is going to be moving this process along quickly because they want to start building these homes,” Wise said.

But instead of staying to see the future of Coffey Park, the Lukes are moving to Oregon, where they already put in an offer for a home.

“We wanted to be done with it,” Luke said. “We wanted this part of our chapter to close.”

The lot must be cleaned before they can turn the page, but that part of the process is only expected to take a couple of days.

“I know that out of ashes comes greatness, and we have been blessed in ways that I would have never thought we could be blessed with all of this,” Luke said.

While the Lukes are leaving the Bay Area, they wanted to make sure they were not going to sell to an investor who was just looking to turn a profit.

Instead, they wanted to make sure their lot would to go a family who wants to make their home in Santa Rosa.



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