VIDEO: San Jose’s Oak Grove School District may close schools due to budget deficit, low enrollment


SAN JOSE (KRON) — With a budget deficit in the millions and low student enrollment, the Oak Grove School District is still in the process of figuring out what schools to close.

On Monday night, another community meeting was held to talk about possible consolidation.

It was a packed house at Herman Middle School.

On Monday night, the one thing the committee agreed on was that all eight schools that are being considered for consolidation remain on the list.

One after the other, the Oak Grove community of parents spoke to the committee tasked with figuring out what school to close.

Signage was all around the meeting, everyone repping their schools.

The Nakanishi clan all went to Del Roble Elementary. Right now, 10 of their children are in school there.

For years, one grandpa has shown his appreciation for the school’s hard work.

“He’s donated a portion of his check for the last 18 years to ensure that they can provide the quality of service they’ve been providing,” parent Nicole Nakanishi said.

Just like the Nakanishis, many others are concerned about what’s next for their children.

“There’s really no other school that’s nearby without us having to cross a big street or intersection,” parent Sherri Rhodes said. “Then, there’s the homeless people we have to walk by.”

After hearing people speak, the committee decided Monday night that all eight schools will remain on the list.

Teachers don’t think the consolidation will be a good thing.

“If our campus is closed, our teachers are going to move to another campus where it’s going to be very crowded,” Special Education Teacher Valerie Wood said. “If teachers come to us, we’re gonna end up having a classroom next to a classroom next to a classroom with partitions, not real walls. Twenty-seven kids in a classroom. Loud, smelly, hot. Not a great learning environment but our teachers will do a great job because that’s what we do.”

The committee will hold another community meeting next Monday at Davis Elementary.

They don’t believe a decision will be made before the year is out.



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