VIDEO: San Rafael taking steps to remove panhandlers, others who loiter on small medians along city streets


SAN RAFAEL (KRON) — San Rafael is taking steps to remove panhandlers and others who loiter on small medians along city streets.

On Wednesday, KRON4 visited the intersection that has received the most complaints.

On Monday, the San Rafael City Council will review a proposed traffic safety ordinance that would make tiny street medians a no loitering zone.

What we’re talking about are those skinny little street dividers that panhandlers typically occupy, hoping motorists will give the money.

Over the last couple of years, the city has seen the population of panhandlers on these little medians grow.

The proposal would ban hanging out on these medians that are 4 feet wide or less for more than two traffic light cycles.

With increased traffic on the roadways, some city officials are worried about the safety of people standing on these narrow medians.

And it’s been reported the city’s proposal is not specifically meant to target panhandling.

The city is working on a different program to directly address panhandling as part of its homeless population outreach.

KRON4 reached out to San Rafael’s city manager, mayor, and city council members for a comment on this proposal. KRON4 has not heard back from them yet.

KRON4 visited Third and Union Street in San Rafael where the Whole Foods is located. This intersection has received the most complaints about median panhandling.

Everyone KRON4 spoke with either did not have an opinion on the matter, or they felt the city should leave median loiterers alone.



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