Jingle bell nearly cost toddler a finger

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (WFLA) – Parents in Missouri are warning of a holiday hazard after they say their toddler nearly lost their finger, KMOV reports.

Lisa Jackson said her 14-month-old Andi was playing with a jingle bell when her finger got stuck inside a tiny hole on the bell. Jackson said they tried using baby oil to slide the bell of her finger, but it would not budge, and Andi started bleeding.

Jackson and her husband took Andi to two different emergency rooms before doctors decided to transfer the toddler to an operating room at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Jackson said doctors mulled over the idea of using a “diamond saw” to remove the bell, but they were worried about injuring the child further. They ultimately decided to remove the bell with a device that looked like needle nose pliers.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital Dr. Brad Warner told KMOV the holidays can bring unusual injuries involving children—the most common being swallowing toy batteries and magnets.




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