VIDEO: Mediation continues between Oakland, city workers


OAKLAND (KRON) —  No contract yet–that is the latest out of the East Bay, as the jobs of 3,000 city workers remain in the balance.

Workers remain on the job in Oakland on Monday night, but unlike last Monday, when they were on strike, mediation continues as the two sides try to hammer out a deal.

But without a plan in place, city workers could a strike occur again.

KRON4 just talked with a union spokesperson at the SEIU headquarters in Oakland. He says, for now, they are optimistic but also add there are still many unresolved issues.

Earlier on Monday, Felipe Cuevas sat at the Marriott in Oakland, working with a mediator trying to figure out a two-year contract with the City of Oakland for some 3,000 workers.

Fed-up workers walked off the job two weeks ago. They have been working without a contract since Jul. 1. For seven days, they marched and held rallies.

As negotiations failed, a mediator was brought in.

On Monday morning for several hours, city officials and union representatives met at the Marriott in Downtown Oakland.

As for the workers, many say they are glad to be back to work taking care of the city they love. They just hope a contract is signed sooner rather than later and they don’t back on strike.

As for what happens now, city officials are in a closed-door meeting on Monday night.

It is possible they could come back with an agreement.

The mediator is on standby and so are union representatives.



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