VIDEO: 22 arrested in massive South Bay prostitution bust, 3 allegedly robbed sex workers


SANTA CLARA COUNTY (KRON) — Twenty-two people have been arrested in a massive South Bay prostitution bust on Monday, according to Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Deputies.

On Dec. 18, sheriff’s deputies arrested three men for soliciting an undercover officer for sex in exchange for money, deputies said. They have been identified as Ahmad Altamimi, 22, Gilbert Gaeta, 18, and Nehemiah Jimenez, 18.

Two of the three men, armed with weapons, arrived at the meeting with undercover officers, deputies said. The third man stayed in the car to assist in the robbery.

Deputies say in the undercover operation, the three men were also arrested for conspiracy and attempted robbery.

“The planned armed robbery was quickly foiled by the team of LEIHT investigators who immediately took the suspects into custody without incident,” sheriff deputies said in a press release.

Investigators say the three robbed local sex workers at gunpoint.

Altamimi is out on bail.

In addition to the three arrests, 19 male “johns” were also arrested.



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