VIDEO: San Francisco city officials use huge boulders to deal with homeless encampments


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco has found a different way to try and prevent homeless encampments from popping up and creating a health hazard–city officials have put in boulders to deal with the issue.

The large boulders underneath 101 near Cesar Chavez Avenue in San Francisco are the latest attempt to try and prevent another homeless encampment from springing up. Large rocks are playing a part in dealing with the homeless.

Larry Stringer is the deputy director for operations in the public works department for San Fransisco.

He says just a few weeks ago, there were about 80 homeless people living there and about 30 tents. With help from the city’s outreach team, they steered homeless into services, and then cleaned this area all up.

Stringer goes on to point out that the rocks are way cheaper than using cleaning crews, who can then be dispatched to other parts of the city that need some attention.

So far, the new strategy seems to be working–kind of. You can see there are no new encampments there, but down the way on Cesar Chavez, several new tents are set up.

Gail Meadows, who runs a school, says she is glad the large encampment is gone, but now has a new problem.

Stringer says he will get on that issue.

In the meantime, he says, it is possible this new boulder strategy might work in other parts of the city.



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