VIDEO: Northern California couple’s car, filled with wedding decorations, stolen days before ceremony


VALLEY SPRINGS (KTXL) — Tony Nunes and his fiance Jasmine are set to get married Saturday at the town hall in Mountain Ranch, and they have to cram a month’s worth of planning into 24 hours.

“Trying to figure out how we can still make it work,” Nunes said.

That’s because their car was stolen, including everything inside — table settings, lighting, seat covers, alcohol and other decorations.

Aside from the wedding stuff, medical documents and some car seats were inside. It was the only car that could fit the whole family.

It was found hours later, abandoned in a ditch about 20 minutes away. Everything inside was still gone.

“Upset, really,” Nunes said. “How could somebody do that?”

The ordeal has left the family devastated and scrambling.
“My youngest daughter she’s calling her friends and we’re all just going to drive out and try to go get what we can,” Kimberly Everly, the bride’s mother, told FOX40.

While FOX40 was visiting the family, Nunes’ mother, Debi, stopped by with a smile on her face and a brand new car seat for the family. Not only that, in her truck were some wedding decorations.

“They’ll have a beautiful wedding. Dad and I and Kim, other mom, will make sure that they have a wonderful, wonderful day tomorrow,” she said.

While the pile of new decorations is small, it’s still growing as the family prepares to decorate the hall on Friday.



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