Viral video shows Good Samaritan take down alleged car thief

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) A brawl in the middle of an Albuquerque street caught on video has people talking and wondering if it was a case of road rage. But according to police, the answer involves a Good Samaritan whose good deed backfired.

Video of the fight has already been viewed more than 100,000 times in barely 24 hours and there’s a pretty crazy story behind it.

Two men fighting in the middle of the road has got people talking. The video was posted to Facebook Tuesday with little explanation.

Some viewers are calling out the driver who took the video, wondering why he didn’t get out and stop the fight.

“If you’re just looking from the outside it just looks like two people fighting in the street, somebody drives by and records it. These are two big dudes, I wouldn’t jump in and try to break people up,” said Albuquerque Police Officer Simon Drobik.

The man who some commentators believed needed help was actually the one arrested for the incident that happened on 114th Street near Central.

Derrick Montoya is charged with kidnapping and unlawful taking of a vehicle. What the Facebook video doesn’t show you is that the man who pinned down Montoya actually tried to help him at first.

According to investigators, Montoya and a woman were stuck in a ditch in a black car. That’s when a Good Samaritan driving large truck pulled over and towed the car out.

The complaint says when Good Samaritan got out of his truck to unhook the car, Montoya hopped into the driver’s seat of the truck and took off. That’s when the Good Samaritan jumped into the bed of his own truck and held on.

The complaint says Montoya drove for about five to ten minutes trying to shake the owner off the truck.

“It’s unfortunate… because you want to do the right thing and help people out but in this circumstance, it turned out bad,” Officer Drobik said.

Montoya then got out of the truck and started punching the man. The complaint says Montoya bear-hugged the victim and the man double legged him, taking him to the ground and holding him until deputies arrived.

The victim even responded to the Facebook post saying, “I was the guy getting jacked and I took him down at the end and I made sure the low life knew never to mess with someone again.”

The car Montoya had towed was stolen. Montoya is 6-feet tall and weighs 360 pounds. The victim who pinned him down is only 5-foot-6 and half his weight.

Montoya has a long history of car theft charges. In March, he pleaded guilty in one of those cases. He faced up to six years but District Court Judge Jacqueline Flores only gave him probation, which he has violated again and again this year.

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