Vendors prepare for big New Year’s Eve crowds

Businesses are hoping to cash in on a busy holiday weekend as people celebrate New Year’s Eve. That’s certainly the case in Las Vegas.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to welcome the New Year on the Las Vegas Strip as they take part in what has become known as America’s Party.

One business owner says he wasn’t sure what to expect this weekend but hoped that tourism wouldn’t be adversely impacted following the mass shooting in October.

Around 330,000 people are expected to visit the valley over the holiday weekend.

T-Shirt Plus is a souvenir store located on the Strip, and even though the manager was a little worried about the weekend traffic, he says he ordered extra merchandise in anticipation of the crowds.

The best-selling items so far include a line of “Vegas Strong” merchandise. He says, part of proceeds are going to the fund set up for victims of the shooting.

“As a company, we donated more than $20,000 for the GoFundMe Vegas Strong and each and every sweatshirt we have, we’re giving $5 each and from the t-shirts we give $3,” said Hemal Magallagoda, manager of T-Shirt Plus.

The Vegas Strong items range anywhere from $1 to $25. If you’re wondering, the best sellers are light up hats, party hats, and light up beads. Of course, 2018 sunglasses are big sellers.

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