VIDEO: Nevada man throws roof tiles at police during standoff

LAS VEGAS(KLAS/CNN)- A wild night in a west side neighborhood is how neighbors describe an hours-long standoff between police and a man on a roof.

It was caught on camera.

The standoff ended around 3:15 a.m. Thursday, but it caused quite a neighborhood disruption. It involved a man standing on the roof of a house throwing roof tiles at police officers below. Many of the tiles landing in the street, and hitting cars.

“We just, you know, come out here and clean up,” said Jay Tully, next door neighbor.

Armed with brooms and dust pans, Jay Tully and his wife are a little weary after an unplanned, long night.

“We were watching TV, it was like 1:30 (a.m.), and all hell broke loose!” Tully said.

He likened it to a scene from a movie. A man armed with a knife hurling tiles at police officers below from the next door neighbor’s roof.

“There were two or three helicopters, because they had this place lit up. Boy, you could have, you could see everything,” he said.

“I would say about half the top of that roof is gone,” said Cynthia Sanchez, who shot video of the incident from her backyard.

Sanchez shot the video while peeking over her fence at the commotion at her neighbor’s house.

“We saw the guy up on the roof, yelling and cussing and throwing tiles and we weren’t exactly too sure what was going on,” she said.

Sanchez says he seemed to become more agitated as police tried to talk him down.

“He apparently just wanted this girlfriend and a phone, and some water, and wasn’t going to come down until then,” Sanchez said.

Police say it all started as some sort of domestic violence call at another location. The man ran off, broke into a home and then ended up on the roof.

“They were talking to him to come down, ‘Ray, Ray, c’mon Ray, talk to us Ray,” Tully said.

And while the rooftop standoff lasted for several hours, neighbors say it was all over in an instant.

“Eventually, they came with the little sound grenade things, and that was it,” Sanchez said.

Neighbors tell 8 News NOW, the man was spitting on police officers so they had to put a mask on him.

Paramedics took him to the hospital to be checked out before police took him to jail.


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