Your phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat and denial won’t clean it

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s no secret why our phones are filthy. It’s one of those things like Hotel beds. We just don’t want to think about it.

“The phone that they’re texting on in the washrooms are dirtier than the toilet seat they’re sitting on. 10 times dirtier actually.”

Kevin Gabriel from a company called “Whoosh” has done some reading on the subject.

There’s been all kinds of studies about how much bacteria and staphylococcus, things like that are on your phone, and studies have shown you actually touch your phone 150 times a day.

We know our phones are dirty, we know we should clean them. But here’s one reason we have to be careful.

“This little red marker here, they’re normally white. When you get water on them they turn red”

All it takes is one little drop of water getting inside your phone and it’s ruined. That water can get in through the earphone jack, the charging port, or even the SD card slot.

So never put water on the phone, put it on the corner of a micro-fiber cloth. You can mix up a small amount of water and white vinegar, about half and half.

I don’t recommend using alcohol, it can actually damage the screen. dip just a bit of the cloth into the mixture. wipe down the phone, front and back and dry it off quickly with another part of the cloth.

To get rid of the bacteria and germs, you’ll need a product especially made for smartphones.

For this I’d recommend a product like Whoosh. We all do this to get rid of fingerprints. we swipe the phone across our shirtsleeves, or use a paper towel but that can scratch the screen.

I keep one of these fiber cleaning cloths with me. You can pick up a pack of 5 at the dollar store or use a piece of scotch tape to get rid of fingerprints.

To get rid of all the germs? Good luck. start by not taking it into the bathroom.



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