VIDEO: BART fare inspectors will now ask to see your ticket after you pass through gates


BERKELEY (KRON) — Not only will BART customers pay more to ride in 2018, they may be asked to prove that they actually paid to ride.

BART’s proof of payment policy is now in effect.

It is Jan. 2018 and proof of payment is now required once you pass through BART fare gates. Checking to see if riders actually paid for a ticket is BART’s answer to a major problem–fare evasions.

BART estimates it loses between $10 million and $25 million a year due to folks walking in and out without paying.

BART passengers had a mixed reaction to the new police.

According to the new proof of payment policy, BART fare inspectors must proceed from one person to the next nearest person, checking as many people as possible.

So basically, if someone standing next to you is asked to prove that they paid, you might as well start pulling out your ticket as well.

BART Police Department’s community service officers will have the job of doing the proof of payment inspections.

People will start seeing fare inspectors on platforms and on trains in about two weeks.

In the meantime, BART officials say BART police officers can start asking for proof of payment right now.

According to the policy, fare inspectors are supposed to activate their mobile video recorders prior to each inspection.

A fare evasion citation for an adult is $75.

For a juvenile, the fine is $55.



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