VIDEO: Thieves dump baby’s car seat onto Hayward mall parking lot, steal SUV


HAYWARD (KRON) — A new East Bay mom was forced to head into the new year without a car.

She says the thieves dumped her baby’s car seat in the Southland Mall parking lot before taking off with her vehicle.

The victim tells KRON4 a quick-thinking sales associate noticed suspicious activity on surveillance cameras while she was shopping inside the Sears department store, but unfortunately, it was too late.

By the time she got out into this parking lot, the thieves and the car were gone.

“I just can’t believe it,” said the car theft victim, who didn’t reveal her name. “I feel like they just ripped my heart and ran with it.”

Surveillance video captured the moments that two young men threw out a car seat and took off in an SUV in the parking of lot of the Southland Mall in Hayward.

it happened on Saturday between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., leaving the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, without a car heading into the new year.

“This car means a lot to me because this car was left to me in a will from my grandfather,” she said. “My grandfather just passed away a month ago and I just received the car in a will. This is basically the only memory left of my grandpa.”

And it was her only means of transportation for the single mom and her 3 children.

She was shopping at the Sears department store as it happened. When she called the police, she says an officer told her there have been more than a dozen car thefts in the Southland Mall in the past week.

Hayward police weren’t able to confirm any statistics, given the holiday.

The victim just hopes the car thieves do the right thing and return the car.

“We’ve all been kids,” she said. “We’ve all done crappy stuff in our life. As a kid, I’m not out there to badger them. I know things happen. It can be who you’re hanging with or whatever. I just ask that you have the kindness in your heart to please return the vehicle.”

Hayward police say more often than not, stolen cars are found.

The victim asks that you be on the lookout for a gray Honda CRV license plate No. 4NDR707.

Hayward police advise the public from becoming a next victim by making sure you lock your car doors and you don’t leave anything in plain sight.



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