FRAUD ALERT: Scammers using local numbers to get you to answer phone, steal your information


(KRON/KHON) — Have you ever picked up a call from a local area code just to find out it’s a robocall or salesperson?

The Federal Trade Commission says these calls are from scammers.

They are using local phone numbers as a way to get you to answer your phone. It’s called “spoofing.”

It is usually used by scammers trying to get a person’s valuable information.

Spoofing works by tricking you into thinking you’re receiving a legitimate phone call by showing a number in your area code.

It is more likely a person will answer the phone call if it’s a local number.

According to experts, anyone can spoof calls. All you need is basic software.

And surprisingly, it’s completely legal.

“It is legal,” Super Geeks COO Tim Caminos said. “It’s illegal if the person doing it is doing it with the intent to defraud someone.”

If you find out your number is being spoofed, you can file a complaint with the FCC.

Click here to file a report with the FCC:



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