ONLY ON KRON4: Illegal dumping caught on camera outside San Jose business


SAN JOSE (KRON) — Illegal dumping was caught on camera outside a San Jose business.

Ryan Rosson, a San Jose business owner fed up with people filling his dumpster with their trash, installed surveillance cameras and caught the dumping in action.

Rosson told KRON4 that this has been happening to him and other surrounding businesses off Monterey Road for years, and the city is not doing enough to stop the illegal dumping.

Rosson is the owner of Vanish Integrative Pest Control off Aiello Drive for 10 years.

About once a month, trash is illegally dumped in his parking lot or in his dumpster.

He recently installed high-end video surveillance cameras.

On Monday at 4:30 p.m., he captured footage of a truck pulling up, a man getting out, and then filling up Ryan’s dumpster with trash bags from the back of his truck.

“I’m fed up,” Rosson said. “This has been happening over and over again. I got the cameras installed, and I’m doing my part. Now, I need the city to step up and do their part.”

He called the city’s illegal dumping hotline and said nothing happened.

His business is located near Monterey Road.

KRON4 has done several reports about illegal dumping around this area the last 3 years. it’s an issue plaguing business owners in this mostly industrial part of town.

Ryan is frustrated because he says he has video evidence identifying a person and a vehicle, and it shows a license plate but nothing is being done.

KRON4 wanted to talk to San Jose city officials to get their reaction. But they are still off for the holidays.

City Hall is closed until Wednesday.

But the city’s public information officer sent KRON4 a statement saying that it takes illegal dumping serious, and they are going to work with Rosson on this issue of illegal dumping.

San Jose’s Environmental Services Department said it has stepped up efforts the last few years to crack down on illegal dumping.

It got the city’s trash pick-up agencies to offer free unlimited curbside junk removal for San Jose residents by appointment.

The city created a rapid response team that can be called to pick up dumped trash.

They have raised the fine for illegal dumping, which now starts at $2,500 and goes up to $10,000 for subsequent offenses.

The city has installed cameras and built physical barriers to curb illegal dumping.

And the city launched a mobile app and a phone number hotline that residences and business owners can use to report illegal dumping to help them catch and fine the dumpers.

Ryan says he has been calling that number for months and nothing has happened.

“Quit telling the citizens of San Jose that you want to do something about this and actually do something about it,” Rosson said. “If you go after people with those kinds of fines, the $2,500 and $10,000, you will get people’s attention and see results real fast.”



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