Pet owner: Dog badly hurt in fight while staying at Walnut Creek kennel


WALNUT CREEK (KRON) — A violent and vicious dogfight has left one East Bay family demanding answers, and a kennel trying to defend itself.

The pictures of the injured dog are now circulating on social media, soliciting angry responses.

A worker at the kennel tells KRON4 she is getting death threats and wants to clarify what happened.

“I have never ever ever in my lifetime seen a fight like that,” said the worker, who did not want to be identified. “And I was traumatized. And I mean how do you break up a pit bull fight?”

That is the voice of a worker at Northgate Kennels and Cattery in Walnut Creek. She is talking about the attack that injured this dog named Shadow.

The worker does not want to go on camera after receiving many death threats about the fight that erupted at the kennel.

Here’s how it unfolded: Shadow’s owner posted on Facebook images of what she says happened.

She said she dropped her dog at the kennel on Friday, and then when she picked him up on Sunday, she says she found her dog badly hurt.

She says her calls to the kennel’s owner have gone unanswered, demanding to know more about his stitches and drainage pipes protruding from his body.

“One by the kennel and the one in the kennel started to cage fight. The other one started. I got the other one redirected, started following me,” the worker said. “Somehow, the gate ended up opening. They pulled me into the kennel. The two dogs were fighting. Me and another worker got them separated, and immediately took the other dog to the vet.”

The worker says she wanted to talk and clarify what has been posted on Facebook.

“People are calling up here and telling us we’re a piece of shit,” the worker said. “They hope the place burns down. They hope we go to hell.”

The worker says the whole issue has been quite upsetting.

Shadow’s owner tells KRON4 she is still looking for many answers, such as the medical records of the other dog involved and why it took so long–several days after the fight to tell them about it.

And the owner wants to talk with the owner of the kennel.




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