ONLY ON KRON4: Thief breaks into car, uses garage door opener to steal another vehicle from Fremont family


FREMONT (KRON) — A family in Fremont has one car broken into and another stolen right out of their garage.

Both incidents happened on the same day.

The family spoke exclusively to KRON4 on Thursday.

One of the cars was parked at the Fremont BART Station where Lorenzo Cadiena had parked it on his way to work. The family believes the suspect stole the garage opener and got their address out of that car.

Then, he may have gone to their home and stole the second vehicle right out of their garage.

And the scary part is Cadiena’s wife was at home napping with their two young children when the suspect entered the garage.

This happened last Friday. You can see on this surveillance video that a suspect was scoping out the house and ringing the doorbell to see if anyone’s home.

The family says they believe the same person came back later in the day and stole their new 2016 Honda pilot. Cadiena’s wife’s purse and wallet were also stolen out of the garage.

They say they have had fraudulent purchases on their credit cards, so they had to block everything. They had to purchase identity protection.

They say it’s been a rough start to the year, trying to pick up the pieces. And just having only one car to use when both people are working is hard, especially when the couple is raising two young children.

Cadiena says he wants to share his story so this doesn’t happen to someone else.

“I just want everyone out there to be aware that this is happening,” Cadiena said. “Right, definitely hide your valuables in your vehicle. Try to keep things separate. Don’t keep your garage openers in your car. I would recommend taking pictures of your insurance card or your registration card, and keep it on your phone. Don’t leave it in your car. This guy actually took the time, waited for me at the BART station, broke into my vehicle, got all my information, my garage opener, went to my house, scoped it out, went into my garage, took my wife’s car, along with (the) car seat and everything else. And he managed to take my tools, you know, some small stuff. Right now, we are recovering. We are going to spend our first year recovering emotionally and financially.”

The family has filed a police report and are hoping that anyone with information about this incident reaches out to Fremont police.



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