Pregnant? Pee on this IKEA ad and you’ll get a discount on a crib

STOCKHOLM (KXRM) — IKEA’s latest advertisement may be different from previous ones seen as it now also doubles as a pregnancy test.

According to AdWeek, the ad encourages women to dab urine on a modified pregnancy test strip included at the bottom of the magazine and wait a few minutes to find out the result. Instead of a simple change in color to indicate a pregnancy, a positive test result reveals a 50 percent off coupon on a crib.

IKEA Sweden spokesman Magnus Jakobsson told CNBC you don’t need to hand in the ad with urine on it, you simply join IKEA’s Family Club.

The ad is running in the Swedish women’s and lifestyle magazine Amelia.

IKEA spokesman Patrik-Nygren-Bonnier said in a statement in part to CNBC:

Every day life can be dull at times, but it also contains those magical, life-changing moments. We want to be there right when they happen, and through the ‘where life happens’ campaign, we take that idea all the way. What could be more true to this than the moment of creating life?”

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